Property development can be a profitable venture, yet it can also prove to be a challenging task. For a development to go more smoothly and seamlessly navigate council laws, a town planner’s expertise is crucial. Town planning consultants are professionals with a qualification in town planning or urban planning. They have typically been employed by local councils or planning organisations, so they know the process and understand the process as well. This can be of great benefit to your team because they can identify problems and opportunities that will arise along the way.

What does a town planner do?

A town planning consultant will assist you with your project in the following ways:

  1. Prepare the development application.

The town planner will prepare the development application and submit all the necessary documentation. They will ensue you comply with all the planning regulations right from the start.

  1. Provide feedback during the design stage.

Involve the planner early in the process. Their expertise of what the council requires can help develop your plans, save you considerable costs in major redraws of plans. By getting involved early in the stage, they will provide valuable input throughout the entire development process.

  1. Act as a single point of contact with councils and other individuals involved in the project.

When all your involved parties contact a single individual, there’s less chance of miscommunication. Your town planner can be the central point for all correspondence and may also be able to represent you.

How to find a suitable town planner

To help you acquire the appropriate town planner for your team, it is best to know what qualifications you will need to look for. One of the most essential things is to find out their knowledge in both writing and assessing development applications. Additionally, you should also check their experience and expertise in working with the local authority, someone who has an extensive contact, and a good working relationship with the council members involved.

In summary

Acquiring a professional in your team who can give you specialised advice and smooth guidance through the property development process can save you money in the long run. Thus, working with a town planner is a worthwhile investment so you can focus on more important issues to ensure your project gets completed on time and on budget.

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