South Brisbane Small Business (SB²) with special guest, Chloe Cobbin

What a great turn out at our second South Brisbane Small Business (SB²) meetup at Bedouin Brew yesterday.

It was a great morning connecting with like-minded business owners and sharing our business experiences! We discussed topics surrounding vision and goals with our guest speaker, Chloe Cobbin who is the owner of our local café, Bedouin Brew.

Chloe spoke from her experience, setting business goals when she was just 17 years old. She believes that business owners need to know a bit about everything and the secret is to ask questions and learn the basics, which helped her gain the ability to “catch people out” if they are overselling and under delivering and help her avoid a dodgy deal.

Chloe’s current vision is based on team structure which she set out to achieve by 2019/20. Despite having an attainable vision at such a young age, she shared her struggle with feeling lost and not having a refined benchmark to measure her achievements.

However, Chloe finds that sharing her visions with customers ease the pressure on her because it allowed the customers to understand her goals and align their values and beliefs with the business’ values.

While running a busy cafe, Chloe believes it is essential to have a balance between business visions and mental health. She tries not to let the pressure affect her negatively because an effective business owner needs to have a clear mind to allow the visions to shine through.

Chloe’s experience encourages others to open up and share theirs. It was great to see everyone getting involved and sharing their business visions and struggles.

Most of us at some point would have dealt with self-doubt and stress, therefore taking this day to connect with other like-minded people is an excellent way for everyone to learn from and support each other and continuously improve together.

The next meeting is on the 8th May at Bedouin Brew Café where Roger Hawley from Hawley Accounting will be the guest speaker.

He will speak about business structures and the mistakes we make and challenges we encounters when setting up our entities. Click here to visit Roger’s website.

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