South Brisbane Small Business (SB²)

We held our first South Brisbane Small Business (SB²) meetup at Bedouin Brew on Wednesday 13th March 2019.

FutureNow Finance is collaborating with Bedouin Brew to build the local business community and create a platform for business owners to meet, connect, share experiences and learn from one another.

We were joined by Matt Heywood of Heywood IT; Todd Pavlou of Safe Hands Business Solutions; Anton Stadler of inform Design Studio; Chloe Cobbin of Bedouin Brew, Greg Rynenberg & Alicia Rynenberg of East West Insurance Brokers.

We introduced ourselves and connections were made immediately.

Greg of East West Insurance Brokers was our Guest Speaker. He has been in business for over 35 years and leads a team of highly experienced staff.

They were trained to be committed in providing service excellence to valued clients. Greg believes that through specialisation and teamwork, they can help clients and customers to achieve their business and personal needs across various industries.

Greg spoke about the challenges he has overcome being in business. His focus was on the challenge of acquiring new clients. From the beginning, Greg knew that he has to focus on building referral partners and a network.

Greg also shared his passion and strong belief in setting goals. He shared the gold template that he has used for many years.

Afterwards we had a round table discussion where many thought provoking questions were asked.

The next meeting is on the 10th April at Bedouin Brew Café where Chloe Cobbin will be the guest speaker.

She is the owner of Bedouin Brew  and will speak on how she focuses on her vision and how her vision has been her best friend and her greatest struggle. RSVP to